Below are a few of the projects which I’ve worked on.

  •, The site you’re on now.
  • SM64Hacks HacksDB A fully searchable and editable database of Super Mario 64 ROM Hacks (Fan-made spin-offs based off of the popular video game Super Mario 64).
  • ruby-proxmox As part of my work as a developer at Universal Layer, I worked on a fork of an old open source RubyGem for managing Proxmox Hypervisors and updated it to meet company needs. The team at Universal Layer choose to kept it open source allowing the rest of the world to benefit and build similar projects. I am also working on a sibling project called CrystalProxmox that achieves the same task but in Crystal instead of Ruby.
  • TorrentTrap As part of an network management needs on a VPN Service I operated, I developed TorrentTrap a simple set of iptables rules for dropping most BitTorrent Traffic and access to the most common trackers on a network. While deployed it’s difficult to access BitTorrent while connected to the affected network.
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