Open Source

I like contributing to open source projects. This page summarizes the projects I’ve contributed code to. It’s not a comprehensive list (you’ll need to check GitHub, GitLab, and a few other places for that) but it is a list of the contributions that are most important to me. (this page does not list my personal projects, those are listed on the projects page.)

  • I’ve contributed bug fixes and documentation changes to Amber Framework, a web framework for the programming language Crystal.
  • I contributed a few updates to formulas and casks for Homebrew, a package manager for macOS.
  • I contributed code to FluxBB, forum software written in PHP. I like how the software is simple and does not have a lot of external dependencies nor does it rely on third party web frameworks and that it sticks to simple php syntax.
  • I actively contributed to the freeCodeCamp Guide project and reviewed contributions as part of its maintainers team for a while.
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