What is Zsh and why you should use it instead of Bash

Zsh Shell running inside Hyper Terminal displaying a listing of files in a project folder and the current version of Zsh. Zsh is also running the zsh-git plugin to display the current Git branch. Zsh (short for Z-Shell) is, in technical terms, a UNIX Command Interpreter (often nicknamed shell by the community) , and in […]

Crystal Lang: What are Macros and how are they useful?

The Crystal Programming Language includes a feature called Macros. As described by the Crystal Documentation “Macros are methods that receive AST nodes at compile-time and produce code that is pasted into a program.”, to simplify this means you can write code that writes more code. This post is a deep-dive into how to write macros […]

Concerning revoked iOS Application Signing Certificates and why Apple must change their policies

I enjoy using Apple’s products and will likely continue to buy new ones and upgrade existing ones throughout my life, recently however Apple did something that upset me. That being they revoked a set of iOS Application Signing Certificates used by the service Builds.io (BuildStore) a service that acts as an alternative to the Apple […]

Building my first web application using Crystal and the Amber Framework

Recently I heard about a fairly new programming language called Crystal. Crystal is a self-hosted statically typed compiled programming language with C-like performance with Ruby-like syntax. While I quickly fell in love with Crystal and Amber, this post will talk about my experience, I’m going to talk more about the bad parts and how they […]

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