I’m Nathaniel, a software developer & reverse engineer who lives in chapel hill, north carolina, united states of america.

As a software developer I develop web applications using the programming language crystal with the amber framework. I’m also able to work with and be productive in: ruby / ruby on rails, javascript / node.js, c# / asp.net, & php / code-igniter.

A few languages that I am interested in learning more about include elixir, f#, and python.

I like contributing to free and open source software projects. It’s a way to give back to the projects I rely on.

In my free time as a reverse engineer, I enjoy breaking web applications and making them do things that they shouldn’t be able to. Finding flaws such as sql injection vulnerabilities & cross site scripting risks is a fun activity for me. It has made me a better web developer as I am already aware of the risks out there as I’m writing web application code and security isn’t an afterthought for me.

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